Nazi Propoganda

There can be very few people who have not heard the term, Nazi. And yet there are very few who can pinpoint the actual meaning. Yes, it brings to mind terrible atrocities and evil looking characters from war films. We all know that it is a word with evil connotations. Their symbol, the swastika, is banned from public display in almost all parts of the world. But why is it, that in living memory, millions of people followed them? How did so many people get drawn into what became, quite possibly, the darkest period in human history? In this film we look into the purpose of the Nazi party. We explore the power they had over the mind and we examine their methods of propaganda and hypnosis. Written by an expert in modern marketing and directed by an award-winning film Director, Nazis: Monsters of Manipulation, is a powerful reminder of the darkness within us all. Who were they? What did they do? Why and how? It’s time to get inside the mind of the Nazis, the Monsters of Manipulation. 

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