Showbiz Soldiers

Serpent Films proudly present Showbiz Soldiers of World War II. The fascinating stories of actors, musicians and Hollywood stars who fought in the war. Order your copy now - scroll down for order buttons.

Showbiz Soldiers of 
World War II

Did you know that dozens of popular celebrities, actors and entertainers fought in the Second World War? From Oscar winning Hollywood stars to TV comedy heroes, the story of their bravery is as entertaining as their on screen performances.

From Purple Heart to Atlantic Star, many were awarded for their gallantry in battle and several were actually intelligence officers and spies.

Discover the truth about those men who were often war heroes in movies, but were also war heroes in real life.

Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, Sir Alec Guiness, Anthony Quayle, Lee Marvin, Christopher Lee, Richard Attenborough, Tony Curtis and Donald Pleasence are just a few of those who fought for freedom in World War II.

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Did you know, Sir Alec Guiness served in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, beginning as a seaman and later on his natural abilities earning him a commission as an officer. He was to go on and command a landing craft at the invasion of Sicily and Elba and later still ferried supplies to Yugoslav partisans. Find out more in our film, Showbiz Soldiers  

Charles Bronson enlisted in the US Army Air Force in 1943, becoming an aerial gunner in the 760th Flexible Gunnery Training Squadron. By 1945 he was a crewman on the B-29 Superfortress with the 39th Bombardment Group. Never one to fear the fight, Bronson proved his bravery and won the Purple Heart for the wounds he received in battle.